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Coming from another cluster group, we were intrigued by the lack of ongoing fees, commission splits, and profit sharing splits with Consolidated. Since making the decision to join Consolidated, we’ve seen a dramatic increase to our agency’s bottom line. Being a member has given us access to a network of high performing agencies with a collective interest in helping one another thrive. Joining Consolidated Agencies is the single best decision we have made to grow our agency!

Hailey Bachmann
Aspen Insurance Agency

Joining Consolidated Agencies was an easy decision for me.  The group brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table, and everyone is eager to share experiences and collaborate with new opportunities.  My agency is better equipped for future growth with my membership versus my agency going solo.

Todd Berg
Spotlight Insurance

As a small startup independent agency, Consolidated Agencies LLC gave us the stability to obtain/maintain carrier relations, while remaining autonomous. Consolidated’s model is the most ideal situation for our business, we were lucky enough to find, as well be admitted into the group. Our agency is proud to be apart of such a unique professional and profitable organization.

Dain Priday
Rubix Insurance

Our agency has been a member of Consolidated Agencies for 15+ years.  We have a diversified group of members who provide an invaluable resource and have helped our agency reach the level we are at today.

Scott Orcutt
Orcutt Insurance Group

When I first heard about Consolidated Agencies I thought it was too good to be true.  I stumbled upon a network of agents working together in a cooperative manner.  All agencies are equal and no one person is making money off of the group.  You maintain 100% of your agency and get profit sharing you would not qualify for on your own.  Joining the group was one of the best business decisions I have ever made!

John Klaasen
Lightship Insurance

Membership in Consolidated Agencies benefits our Agency in many ways.  In addition to the obvious increases in commission and profit sharing insurance companies provide the group, members benefit from the knowledge and experience shared between owners.  With guidance of other members, we’ve been able to write large policies in industries we previously had limited experience with.  The benefits of being a member of a group of agencies that trust each other goes far beyond what can be expressed in a brief testimonial!

Todd Borth
Neisen Borth Agency

We have been a member of Consolidated for over 20 years. I value the benefits we receive from such a strong Professional Agency membership. The group provides expertise in various areas such as markets, carrier product knowledge, and current industry trends. In addition, we benefit from combining our Agency volume which maximizes profit sharing and carrier security. I highly recommend Consolidated to any Agency looking to enhance their growth/profit potential and market depth.

Jim Lawson
Lawson Insurance Agency, Inc

This is by far the best business venture I have ever entered into. It allows a small agency to keep its autonomy while obtaining many benefits afforded only to a large agency.  The professionalism and ethics of its members are beyond reproach.

Greg Coffman
Insurance Planning Alternatives

Consolidated Agencies, LLC offers an agency the opportunity to consolidated premium volumes to better position themselves for profit sharing.  Members of Consolidated Agencies, LLC possess a wealth of information that can easily be shared with other members.

Bill Hulwick
Hulwick Insurance Agency

We are a member of Consolidated Agencies, LLC.  Consolidated Agencies, LLC is an insurance network with a rich history of combining agencies in Colorado for profit and production requirements. It is a blue-ribbon group of insurance agencies who have the experience and knowledge to assist in almost any situation.  While each office is owned and operated autonomously, a spirit of helping other members is as available as a phone call. Our members are a diverse group and range 2nd or third generation to scratch agencies. For those who qualify and chose to become a member, it presents a tremendous opportunity.

Carl Daniel
Daniel Insurance Agency

I have been part of Consolidated since 2000. It has been a very positive association both professionally and personally.  As a group we screen our prospective partners well and we bring in high quality, well operating agencies.  I share three points about the benefits of being part of Consolidated. First, the bonus income of being part of a larger organization is significant.  Secondly, Consolidated has provided carrier opportunities that I would likely not enjoyed on my own. Finally, I have benefitted from the collegial, professional relationship with other members.  The group has some smart industry veterans who are quick to help one another.

Michael Gallagher
Colorado Insurors Service, Inc.

Consolidated Agencies was the perfect fit for my growing agency.  They provided me with access to several carriers with lower premium commitments than obtaining these carriers on my own.  Also, we’re maximizing profit sharing by combining all of our agencies into one master code.  I looked at several models, but Consolidated was the best model available, by far.

Scott Eckburg
Colorado Commercial Insurance, Inc.

Since I joined Consolidated Network, over 5 years ago, my contingency income has increased on average of 70k year over year.  I’ve realized extra 350k of income, w/ my current book of business. It’s a no brainer. I operate my agency, totally autonomous from the Network.  I find the entire group very helpful and always working hard to do want’s right, for the group and our customers. I did a lot of research before I made the decision to apply for a membership. Consolidated Network is a bright spot in my 29 years in this business. I would highly recommend anyone needing more income, for their agency to check us out, and see if they are leaving money on the table unnecessarily.

Bruce Camilletti
Canyon Agency

Consolidated Agencies is a group that exists solely to help each other be better agencies.

Brent Friesth
Bolder Insurance

Consolidated Agencies has been invaluable to my growth at Avalue Insurance.  Access to Pinnacol as a new agent many years ago gave me a complete commercial portfolio to offer my clients.  Additionally, the knowledge and expertise of the members and sharing both carrier market intel and business agency ideas have been beneficial.  No question, the increase in contingency amount payouts is the huge bonus to my agency’s profitability.

Sarah Lampard
Avalue Insurance

Consolidated allows competent insurance professionals determine the degree and direction of the success.

Michael Graham
Auto Risk

Consolidated Agencies LLC offers the independent agency the ability to increase their revenues by having a larger presence with our insurance carriers than they otherwise could do on their own.  Belonging to a group of professional agents gives our agency the support and camaraderie of other agents experience and knowledge and the ability to share ours with them.  Having a group behind our agency makes owning an independent insurance agency more enjoyable and more profitable than going it alone.

Cindy Adams
Adams Insurance

I joined Consolidated Agencies fourteen years ago after being approached by two members to join.  I was concerned that I might lose my independence and was unsure of how it would work out.  I immediately understood the benefit of being a member of Consolidated Agencies and know I made the right decision.

Marc Sevier
Active Insurance Agency