What does it mean to be a co-operative cluster?

As a co-operative, each member agency gets an equal voice in the decision-making process for the collective group. Consolidated is run by its member agency Principals, with the goal to serve and mutually benefit all of its member agencies. Since other cluster groups typically operate under a corporate structure, they are built to enhance the cluster’s bottom line, rather than that of its members. Within our co-operative structure, agency Principals have the opportunity to serve in leadership positions on CA’s Board of Directors. In other words, agencies can be involved as little or as much as they wish.

Why YOU should become a member

Here are the key benefits of joining CA:

  • Continue to operate as an independent agency with full autonomy since CA does not own or dictate how you run your business
  • All earned carrier commissions go directly to your agency as CA does not require a commission split
  • Strengthened relations with carrier territory reps
  • Member agencies retain 100% of their respective earnings from profit sharing
  • Opportunities for expanded access to additional carriers and markets
  • Cost-savings opportunities for individual agencies
  • Nominal one-time entry and exit costs
  • Opportunities for perpetuation with other members
  • Collaboration across agencies to generate ideas, share best practices and achieve common goals
  • Education funding opportunities
  • Geographically diversified markets

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